Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

steve g's fast spitfire.

remarkable steve, many thanks.

steve g's fast spitfire.

steve g's fast 63 spitfire features, frame off restoration, 1296cc, .43 overbored (not stroked) twin webbers 40 dcoe, k&n's, msd ignition, mallory distributor, accusump, autometer gauges, optima battery, summers brothers axles, quaiffe 4:11 diff', tr7 close ratio gears, spit' 1500 g'box, tr6 front brakes, fuelsafe cell, holley blue pump, roller rockers, 13.1 comp' ratio, carrillo rods, j&e pistons, spies heckler paint, hoosier a70 street td's, hoosier 205-60 dirt stocker rains, panasort rims, butler ally seat, & momo quick release steering wheel.

Monday, November 27, 2006

fabrizios gt6r

fabrizios gt6r

another inspiring build is fabrizio's gt6r, for full details see his linked site. awesome! many thanks fabrizio.

dougs gt6

many thanks doug.

dougs gt6

anyone wishing to contact owner regarding this car, please send me e-mail ,
some features of dougs beautiful race car include-modified rear, 260z half shafts, constant velocity joints.custom ally flywheel,roller rockers,race prepared rods & crank, forged pistons.close ratio tr6box,accusump,plus much more! all mods approved by SVRA.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

body mods.

it is going to be interesting to see how the new articles,roof,rear spoiler, "fit" into the look of the car.some points that i was not happy with were the rear of door glass,and size of front number plate.also the twin rear exhaust mufflers.i think also that the bonnet could do with vents of some sort.

polished crank.

this is the crankshaft i used last time the car was can be seen it has been polished, to help reduce stress risers.the big end oil holes have also been teardropped, and carefully blended in .the crankshaft journals were also polished one thou , to allow for extra oil,aswell as deburring the grind process.this was done by polishing in direction of rotation. i did'nt knife edge the counter weights for fear of inhibiting the balancing task.since, i have been told that a large auto manufacture has tested the bull nose and knife edged crank, bull nose came out on top.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

fusion nissan skyline.

was very lucky to get this fun toy for birthday last year.four wheel drive,no reverse,but does have brake system,which is handy as this toy will do 80mph.finding a surface good enough is awkward, although the grip provided from independent suspension is incredible.


pictured here is steves wife,pat,and another of his "loves" there 66 3.8 s type jaguar.
asking steve to engineer driveshafts has been seamless from beginning to end.i can highly recommend his skills,engineering expertise and high level of customer care.

steve's gt6.

steves attention to detail is clearly evident from the picture of his blinding gt6, which is racing use only.

steve smith,las vegas.

have been very lucky with this conversion aswell.

steve has invented and developed a bullet proof rear driveshaft replacement.this design is well thought out,uses quality parts,and is innovative.

steve uses tr6 and 260/280 parts to engineer this stunning system.

fixed window.

davesideways has designed this interesting fixed window system. it uses a system to angle and fix window at desired posistion.
many thanks to you & your friend davesideways.


the finish is truely mind blowing. the edges can be trimmed to gain a precise gap. be great to replace those barn doors!

lightweight doors

davesideways from tt has organised the purchase and delivery of these amazing replacement doors. made in germany . the fabricator usually works on projects that include the eurocopter and airbus. foam sandwiched epoxy resin,fine weave matting. these weigh in at an incredible 3.6kilos each, bare.the quality is excellant.


carrillo con-rods have a reputation second to none. it is said that the material used is available only to carrillo.the process of testing and engineering is the result of 40 years plus of manufacturing. each set of rods carries its own batch number, all info is logged on there computers.after the strict engineering process,the rods are also balanced end to end to within one gram, and evenly shot peened.the failure rate for a carrillo rod? a failure is extremely rare.original rod weighs-1.498lbs. the carrillo replacement-0.998lbs.

billet crank

there are re-stroking choices available for billet choice of keeping the same as original was based on how the car performed the last time i was running it, using fast road 89 cam,competition valves, 1.65 roller rockers, 10-1 compression,semi race exhaust,bored out su's,ported inlet manifold,electric fuel pump, the car accelerated very well. the exhaust noise was amazing aswell!

billet crank

this is the billet crank, brought from racetorations.made from EN40B, nitrided,able to rev to 8000 rpm.the engineering process is the same as formula one. dummy mains allow for less counterweights, and webs.the crank uses the same stroke as standard,95mm.however it is not cross drilled,which is something i wish to incorporate into its design. it also features eight fixings for flywheel attachment.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

air/fuel gauge.

purchased an aid for tuning, from dyna pro, lc-1, and xd-1 kit. looks to be a useful addition, kit can be used with lap top, to record fuel delivery in real time.the gauge itself is 19mm thick, gauge face can be customised. kit came with software, and a choice of bezels. check this link for picture.


have been giving this pedal set consideration. around 2.8 kilo, including master cylinders, a good product from ap racing.