Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rear light panels 7.

Rear light panels 6.

Think I have some good angles on the various features, so far.

Rear light panels 5.

Rear light panels 4.

Rear light panels 3.

I went for a triangular formation, of rear side lights. 

Did contemplate vertical line, etc, but wanted to keep the lights, relatively high. 

The overall angle is curving out, in line with back of rear spoiler.

Pointed bottom rear side light down, to add effect.

Rear light panels 2.

I could have put the rear lights, in the back of rear spoiler. 

Although, I have some room to play with,  volume of air coming in, 

to being channeled out. 

The rear side light panel, will have to be molded/ made, seperate to the inner side radiator panels, which need to made to allow for the thickness of rear side light panel.

Rear light panels.

The start of panel was abit of experimenting. I could see the possibility to pinch the wing lines, into the downward line of rear spoiler. At the same time, blending in rear light panel.

Rear lights.

I would like to include various bits of chrome, at the rear of car.

The side , end of wing chrome strips, part of the rear licence plate light holder, and maybe some of bumper. Aswell as chrome around lights, I figure, will compliment each other. 

The bumper I'd like to leave deciding about for now. Leave my options open, as to a bikini style, maybe  sections at side joined by a Carbon Fiber "replacement section." Maybe complete CF, or none at all. Either way, the rear bumper has been sectioned with the grinder, ensuring I have the piece I need more so now, the rear Licence plate light holder, and "Base plate."