Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roof plug 33.

Hopefully tomorrow i get to take a mold from this plug.
My concern is for the lower radiator mounting holes, seen in photo. These are bordering a trap for release. So ive lightly filled these into
plug, If they stick, i can carefully cut off, and sand mold more appropriately.
I have some color ready for Gelcoat, and resin. Green for molds,
Black for articles.
I always find Gelcoat works better with color added.
Figure on using around four layers of 600 for mold.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getrag Bell housing.

After quite a wait, the Getrag Bell housing has arrived!
Needs tidying a little, and obviously i need to check the measurements etc, but its here!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Roof plug 32.

Not much done since last post.
Have had to spend more time, than i'd like, pricing, and preparing for a job.
Luckily though, as the job is fabricating a pond, i had to go to the Fiber glass suppliers, and was given a roll of Woven matt. Wooooaaahhhhh!!
Rivnut gun looks cool. Will use it over weekend hopefully.
Cut some new side panels, using MDF. Not
the best medium to use, as filler needs a
decent key to fix properly. But should be okay.
So, i need to fix these MDF panels, using Rivnuts, and rounded bolts.
Fill to wheel arch plates, (Seen in pic) then fill over to
"L" shaped semi circular center panel

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roof plug 31.

Good thing about the additive sculpture technique, is that
it allows changes as you go through the process.
So, rear spoiler sides match better now.

Started making plugs for new designed rear radiator side panels.
Although i cant do much at the moment, as im waiting for a Rivnut kit, as suggested on Sideways Technology's, by GT6Steve.

And ive now removed the boot floor section completely.
Found few bits of rust pockets. But otherwise looks ok.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Roof plug 30.

One side plate for rear spoiler is nearly completed.
Have also blended in underneath, to meet the
original gutter for boot lid.
And have started to add rear number plate section.
This will be slightly curved horizontally,
filled in, and given a similar vertical line as original location.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Roof plug 29.

So, posted on a Mathematics forum, to find out how i calculate MPH, of smoke test.
Answer..."how long of an 8" pipe, in miles, would it take to encompass 1600m^3? Since the hours cancel each other out in the division this length would be your answer."
Each extractor was 8 inch in Diameter.
Figures says its 1600m3/hr.

1600(M^3) = 56503.4668 FT^3

1 foot of 8inch tubing is 0.349 cubic feet.

Divided. Got:
161901.051002865 FT.
Converted above to miles.

That equals= 30.6630miles.
Which in turn equals the MPH of test.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Roof plug 28.

Radiator housing sides need to be altered.
Got a nice gap, between these side sections, and inner sides, of rear spoiler end plates. So, anticipating an effective sealing point there.
It would be great to fabricate this radiator housing in one, and being able to just drop it in, bolt down. The spoiler will be removable, so possible, if im concious of angles, of spoiler inner sealing surfaces, rear vent, and attachment to underneath of roof.
The central metal panel, which has the petrol filler cap, usually found on Spitfire will be removed. Just have to find the logical positioning for air feed from NACA's,
and front central vent, aiming at radiator.
As well as water tubing.
Maybe i'll have opportunity to replace original petrol tank........
Started filling in drivers side spoiler end plate.
But think ive messed up on the height abit.
So need to triple check that tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roof plug 27.

Smoke test went pretty well, i think.
I had some trouble lighting the pellets,
in a cage, to stop them from drawn into air .
But managed to light two at a time. Eight in total.
As i was lighting second pellet, smoke was gathering,
then when i lite second, switched extractors on, and whoosh!!
Smoke hit rear rad, pretty much full on.
Im wondering how this will change, if any, at higher speeds....
I didn't bother testing NACA ducts, as firstly there blocked, and secondly, i regard the roof as main feed.
I can easily block either side of rear rad', to rear spoiler side fencing.
One thing i did notice, was observing from rear, small upward trickles of smoke, from bottom of rad'.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Roof plug 26.

Tomorrow will hopefully see a smoke test. Making my own smoke , has been replaced by purchasing smoke pellets.
Have a radiator, (Can see it in background) to place in rear section. And some odds and ends to help out.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Roof plug 25.

Went for removing rear metal panel completely
figure i can get enough strength from rear wing, and vent , to be
added below that. Options seem to be a shelfed vent, or just rounded in line with back of car.
Decided to wait for airflow test. It seems its possible to make your own smoke pellets using Potassium Nitrate , sugar and i believe Baking powder, to slow the smoke process down. Also Dye can be added , which might be a possibility worth considering.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Roof plug 24.

Rear section mostly cut out. Tomorrow, i will be
testing airflow again, with smoke hopefully.