Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

tony lindsey deans modified cylinder head 3

well i hope your sitting down for this.after a nine month wait,tony lindsey deans modified cylinder head is here! the cost was £1200 for the head complete.with the other required mods, i've been advised that around 180hp is realistic. hence the need for a strong gearbox etc.
my thoughts go back to when this car was on the road before,one of the things that used to strike me,and other people, was the awesome sound this car produced.
i was advised by kas kastner to seek advice from tony, and for me,if kas says something,i, for one am going to listen and take note.

tony lindsey deans modified cylinder head 2

tony lindsey deans modified cylinder head

getrag gearbox

noted as a weak point for this car,the gearbox,as original,is'nt something i wanted to keep.i found first gear in the gt6 box to be next to hopeless,and found that i used 2nd gear to pull away.also the strenght of the gt6 box can be questionable.although apparently tony lindsey dean can blueprint a gt6 gearbox to a high level of reliability.still,getrag gearboxes have a great reputation,along with being compact,and durable,made this purchase very tempting.a time of fine tuning rear axle is needed,to gain a suitable ratio for the diff.also i am waiting for gareth thomas to supply the bellhousing needed to fit this gearbox to the 2.5 engine.