Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roof plug 27.

Smoke test went pretty well, i think.
I had some trouble lighting the pellets,
in a cage, to stop them from drawn into air .
But managed to light two at a time. Eight in total.
As i was lighting second pellet, smoke was gathering,
then when i lite second, switched extractors on, and whoosh!!
Smoke hit rear rad, pretty much full on.
Im wondering how this will change, if any, at higher speeds....
I didn't bother testing NACA ducts, as firstly there blocked, and secondly, i regard the roof as main feed.
I can easily block either side of rear rad', to rear spoiler side fencing.
One thing i did notice, was observing from rear, small upward trickles of smoke, from bottom of rad'.


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