Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Roof plug 28.

Radiator housing sides need to be altered.
Got a nice gap, between these side sections, and inner sides, of rear spoiler end plates. So, anticipating an effective sealing point there.
It would be great to fabricate this radiator housing in one, and being able to just drop it in, bolt down. The spoiler will be removable, so possible, if im concious of angles, of spoiler inner sealing surfaces, rear vent, and attachment to underneath of roof.
The central metal panel, which has the petrol filler cap, usually found on Spitfire will be removed. Just have to find the logical positioning for air feed from NACA's,
and front central vent, aiming at radiator.
As well as water tubing.
Maybe i'll have opportunity to replace original petrol tank........
Started filling in drivers side spoiler end plate.
But think ive messed up on the height abit.
So need to triple check that tomorrow.


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