Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

engine re-build list.

after advice recieved, and some investigating, this looks like the list of parts to re-build engine:

polished and de-burred block.
polished and deburred main bearing caps.(crack tested)
billet crank,not re-stroked.(racetorations)cross drilled.
carrillo con-rods.
light steel flywheel,eight bolt fixing.(racetorations)
vandervell vp2 bearings.
dry sump system, three stage,+ pan , (excellently designed & developed by GT6steve)
oil gallery direct feeds.(innovative system by kas kastner & jimmy coan)
alloy front and rear engine plates.(canley classics)
arp fixings.possible fluid damper.
je forged pistons.set comes with rings.

spitfire bearing shells.
3r cam, hoping for two studs to be added for:
vernia lightened chain wheel.
german timing chain.
balanced rotating assembly.
payen gaskets.
tld's ported & flowed head.smoothed for oil flow.comes with:
phosphated followers.
bronze valve guides.
competion valves + springs.

titanium valve spring caps.
hardened pushrods. smith brothers
1.5' or 1.6' roller rockers. harland sharp.(solid bushings)
custom made stainless 6-3-1-2 exhaust.
triple 45 dellortos "p's"
electric water pump.
electric fuel pump.


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