Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Roof .

There were several things i wasn't happy with regarding the roof i made. And if "one" isn't happy with something, there seems to be only a few options. In my case i decided to re-do the roof, as i have the opportunity, and resources available. Things like this can be a fair amount of work, even with "cheats", but if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right? Of course the idea of the roof in the first place is a debatable subject.
1/....The back of roof didn't blend into the car enough.
2/....The NACA vents weren't in keeping with the front main vent.
3/....The profile was loosely similar to soft top.
4/....The guide ally strips were too precise for re-movable panels.
5/....The main front vent tunnel is too flat, as is rear "n" where NACA vents are.


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