Triumph Spitfire 2.5.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Amazing what you can find.

On my travels , i stumbled across this unusual metal cabinet.
The cabinet weighs approximately 7 kilos.
I was intrigued to know about the design etc. So i posted the pictures on Triumph Torque, and was rewarded with some interesting information.
Spitbang commented that " The centre face reminds me of a Green Man"
While Gt6 John said
"I would hazard a guess that this was some sort of drinks cabinet!

It looks like your classic cherubs feeding either the Greek God of wine Dionysus or the Roman God of wine Bacchus.

It looks a little crude in its design and painting which could mean either a cheap reproduction tarted up to look good, or an early piece done when things weren't quite so 'sharp'.

So in conclusion, could be worth a bundle or could be fire wood! "
Spitfire 1500 suggested it might be worth alot.

Either way, for now i intend to keep it. I like the overall general design, although the oval centre decor' is not really to my liking.
If it turns out to be of reasonable value, i will just spray it to suit my gothic style front room, ie, purple and dark blue, with dark gold highlights. So the cabinet will end up dark blue, dak gold distressed highlights.
If its worth a significant amount....who knows........


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